- Crazy Drunk Driver Car Accident

Crazy drunk driver

Crazy drunk driver

The Back to the Future movies had a lot of fun establishing a very populated Hill Valley, where many peripheral characters come and go, only to pop up again in a later movie. Red made his entrance very late in the original, classic film — When Marty McFly makes his return to , he does so right in front of Red, who happens to be sleeping on a bench, right in front of where the De Lorean makes its dramatic entrance back to the future. He also sees Marty accidentally crash the car into a theater.

Because Marty sees him and exclaims "Red, you look great! But when it returned, it did so in a notable role as the van once belonging to the Others, discovered by Hurley on Lost. And so when Marty finds himself in a scary, warped version of , lorded over by Biff, Marty stumbles around Hill Valley in disbelief - and it is Red who he bumps into.

Red yelling "Crazy drunk pedestrians! Alas, Red did not return in Back to the Future III , nor did we meet his wild west ancestor.

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Crazy drunk driver

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Back in Blazkowicz with Wolfenstein 2: Artboard 6 Copy 8 Created with Sketch. Red proclaims Marty a "Crazy drunk driver" and our love for him is born. This link directs to a retail affiliate. IGN may receive a commission from your purchase.

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