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Asus utilities drivers

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. ZPRO here, fresh Win7 bit installation on an SSD with an HDD for storage. The official description is marketing gibberish to me. However, you can update the BIOS for 4th Gen Core Processors using the multi-purpose EZ Flash 2 utility from within the BIOS.

Asus utilities drivers

Powerful, to be sure, but confusing and time-wasting to sort through. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V Confusingly, the Bluetooth driver has Wi-Fi in its name, and installing just this driver also allowed the Wi-Fi to work. They also have a dedicated Bluetooth driver, Bluetooth Driver V7. I tried going right-clicking on the. EZ Flash is what I used on my Asus motherboards and honestly, I prefer that to using whatever Windows based utility they provide.

In the past, those were known for potentially bricking Asus mobos. Now, rapid storage is the SATA driver, so you can go ahead and install that or use the stock MS AHCI driver. For , none of it will hurt your computer performance-wise, but none of them are necessary either. Not unless this computer is going to be hooked up to a central control system of sorts, and that your IT department needs to control individual components in your machine. Only if you have Windows 8 and want stuff to update in the background while your machine is asleep.

This is similar to t he Windows 8 "Connected Standby". I often see the same silliness with calling it "BT wireless" or some such name. Might want to take a look at what the 3rd party driver is for. Could it be some sort of driver for eSATA or maybe a case front-panel? I got a warning about it being unsigned or some such, clicking on "Run" or "Accept" whatever the prompt was got me through it.

Makes the BIOS settings easier to work with, and makes flashing the BIOS easier. I successfully updated to the latest BIOS via EZ Flash 2, so no worries. I was just miffed that there were so many options go wade through at first. Almost nobody ever uses it as such though. Let it install drivers in device manager by browsing to INF files. Get drivers from hardware makers Intel, Nvidia etc etc Usually, I only install the drivers without any utilities.

As for the various eSATA controllers, my P8P67 Pro the great grand daddy of your current mobo had an eSATA controller JMicron and two extra internal 6 Gbps ports Marvell. I usually only worry about drivers for LAN, wireless, and video cards. All other drivers do not get downloaded until I need them. If you never use a device, then why install the driver? Many times it turns out to be an Intel Southbridge chip driver that is not part of the standard chipset driver installs.

The stock Asus driver CD that came with my mobo could be telling in that it auto serves the driver list based on OS: I think you quit screwing around with the CD and that you get the drivers yourself from the source providers.

You can tell the installation program to until install the driver, although you still have to trust that this is all it does. Go to Intel and download the chipset installation utility and the ethernet driver, since you have the Intel part. After restart, run the chipset installation app. Install the ethernet driver so you have network. It will find some drivers probably.

Asus utilities drivers

It will find WHQL stuff and install it. Stuff like sound, just run the Realtek driver from Asus. I DID install Rapid Storage Tech on my ThinkPad with its SSD. You need to make a Hibernation Partition on the SSD. Unless by vendor you meant Asus Why would I install an Intel video driver when I will always be using a 3rd party graphics card?

Gonna make a decision and report back on my process. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. You can always try Station Drivers. Ephemeron Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Temperate Soviet Canuckistan Registered: Under other devices, it listed an known "PCI Simple Communications Controller.

To install or not install this installation will get nuked from orbit. Funny you both should mention using another SSD for caching, as I have my old 80GB SATA2 X hooked up for this build, just waiting to find a use for it. This may deserve its own thread, but what exactly would Intel Rapid Start Technology IRST do with my X, put the Win7 pagefile on it or something? Also, it would appear that the IRST software and AHCI driver cannot be unbundled, at least through ASUS, so to get one you need to install the other. PsychoStreak Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Tribus: This would ensure that you have the latest Asus provided drivers.

Dilbert Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. Skoop Moderator et Subscriptor Tribus: Schuylkill Haven, PA Registered: The CD shows this for my Win7 64 SP1 install: Additionally, the master list shows that what the setup screen calls the Intel LAN is probably actually the Intel Ethernet Driver. Cleveland Mayfield Heights , OH Registered: I appreciate the suggestion, but this approach is not going well. This process is nowhere near as simple or easy as you described: Finally, after wading through all this and IDing the hardware, the official manufacturer may not even offer the official driver for download.

Looking under Network Adapters, I find a Qualcomm Atheros ARx Wireless Network Adapter already labeled for me.

Asus utilities drivers

Sadly, there are no official Qualcomm drivers to be found under Qualcomm Atheros ARx, so I thought that maybe I needed the exact model number. Since this hardware does Bluetooth in addition to Wifi, I checked under Bluetooth Radios in Device Manager and found a Qualcomm Atheros AR Bluetooth 4. Even with the official model name, and even after confirming that the product exists , I cannot find an official driver from Qualcomm. Use a compression utility like 7-Zip to extract the PROWin Then, in Device Manager, you can use Update Driver and just point to the folder with the extracted files.

Windows will find what it needs and update it. Driver files only, no program overhead. You can open pretty much any Intel installer file that way. Ulf Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Tribus:

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